Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mitt Romney: I love the ?90% - 95%?

Mitt Romney today told America, how his campaign is for the Middle Class only; and that his campaign is not concerned with the poor and the rich.

There is one simple thing about this statement that totally is a lie. Mitt Romney says he is not for the rich, but receives many donations from the rich and not to mention he is rich.

Another thing is, if Mitt Romney is only concerned with the Middle Class?; then by the time his supporters get to see him help the Middle Class, they may drop to poor and then we could be in such a bloated system of government, that the government won't be able to help them.

This is one thing that will happen soon or later; if we don't fix the system, then it will fall. With us spending so much money in wars and occupation, and also making the poor rely on the government with high spending departments, we will surly fall as a communist republic.

This is the result of communism, in every communist nation you can see a majority of poor and then a minority of rich; this is exactly what we are having today.

Also with Mitt Romney saying he is with the 90-95% he is not understanding that most of 90-95% is now considered poor; as the Middle Class is shrinking. The middle class is shrinking through inflation and government intervention.

Also Mitt Romney said Obama causing class warfare is Un-American, even though he now committed it himself. Mitt Romney took it even further than Obama. As Obama split the nation in two (99%, 1%), but Mitt Romney is splitting it in three (Poor, Middle Class, Rich).

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