Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dick Cheney Finally Gets A Pulse!!!

Dick Cheney finally got a heart. After more than a year with no pulse, Dick Cheney finally gets a pulse.

It is unsure whose heart he has, but we at Lemon Global are hoping it was someone who loved people. Maybe Cheney's life would change if this was so.

Over a year ago, Dick Cheney had a ventricular assist device implanted in his body; this device pushes blood through, instead of pumping it through like a true heart.

Now Dick Cheney has a beating heart, with his new heart will he care about the millions he helped murder?

Or will his heart be blacked and shrink in size; Cheney's heart would have to be 10 Times Smaller than the Grinch's Heart.

With this said, Is it no surprise they had to get him a new heart, he is shrinking all of them with his pure evil.

It is still unsure when they will get Cheney's humanity; as he lost that with all the hate and killing towards the Iraqi children and women.

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