Tuesday, March 6, 2012

LG Projects: Ron Paul Won 3 States' Delegates!!!

As Ron Paul was in second in the delegate count before Super Tuesday; Will Ron Paul stay there?

Well it looks like he will; we project Ron Paul will win Alaska, Idaho, and North Dakota delegates.

All of these states we project Ron Paul will win second after Super Tuesday through the delegate count.


  1. We know this is all corrupt. But Dr. Paul may have 2 aces up his sleeve. We all know that he is going for the delegates, and that he is doing just that. It doesn't matter in the end whether he won or lost the caucus (and we all know that he DID win most) So going into Tampa, Paul will have the upper hand and can definitely get a seat at the round table .. but even if he loses, he can and probably WILL run 3rd party.. Romney has a very strong incentive to stop him from doing this as it would almost assure obama the traitor will win a second term. So Dr. Paul has leverage either way and maybe that is what the Paul/Romney deal is all about.. and maybe why Paul is all smiles these days..

    1. The Paul/Romney deal is fake, but Ron Paul does have a clear upper hand. If Ron Paul loses the GOP Primary, his supporters won't support anyone except Gary Johnson. So Actually it is Ron Paul or Obama; let's see who the people chooses.

      But from what I can see, Obama may have to deal with voter fraud; if Romney is the GOP Candidate.

      Paul is all in smiles, because he is clearly in second.

    2. the trick is no-one has enough delegates for convention. After the first vote, and no-one wins the majority, all bets are off and all dedicated delegates can then vote their concience. Ron Paul can technically win with this senario