Thursday, March 22, 2012

Media Asks For Censorship!!!

All the media is covering Bill Maher's or Rush Limbaugh's controversial comments.

This may be called news, to the Mainstream Media (we like to stay focused on what actually matters); but really the true story is the Mainstream Media, itself.

The Mainstream Media has been asking for the people to come together and the government to intervene to censor people on TV and the Radio even more. (This is even happening now.)

So the MSM is actually telling you the people to censor them. This is ironic and to their part idiotic. The Government has no right to censor anything (this is a new idea what government should do).

I may not like Rush or Bill, but I would fight for them to "disgrace women" and call people a "slut", "prostitute", "MILF", or the C-word (see we are even being censored) the word that was used was "Cunt".

Many may get mad at them, this is when the free market works. If you don't want to listen to them. Then you change the channel (or station) and soon; if enough do it, they will be cancelled.

Let's not be too easily persuaded by the Mainstream Idiotic Media and listen to their attacks on our 1st Amendment.

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