Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Obama approves you eating dead babies?

HEK-293 cells in your Pepsi is just “ordinary business.”

Let's translate the sentence above:

Aborted Baby Fetus cells in your Pepsi is just “ordinary business.”

This is what the Obama Administration stated; as Pepsi has been in war with Pro-Life organizations and Moral People who just don't want to be cannibal.

Here is our Spoof Pepsi Commercial:

With all of the controversy on the Diet Aborted Peopsi (Pepsi); enough controversy to get the Obama Administration to respond, why haven't you heard anything on the Main Stream Media?

Well the reasons why is because Pepsico, FritoLay, and all the other major companies that use Baby Fetus Flavors buy ads on their channels.

So is putting HEK-293 in food illegal?

Well no, there are many loop holes in Legislation that was suppose to make this illegal.

As the controversy happened to Pepsi,Pepsico said that the Stock Holders that argued about Fetuses being in their products "cannot make an informed judgment."

So what they are practically saying is the Stock Holders would not understand what a food industry will do with Aborted Baby Fetuses.

Well I think we all can infer what is happening here.

With Obama endorsing public cannibalism and the selling of fetuses for consumption; when will the masses wake up to complete cannibalism.

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