Monday, March 5, 2012

Ron Paul has 121 Delegates or more!!!

We have our own, not accurate delegate count for you.

Yes, that is right; Ron Paul is in second. The Main Stream Media has forgotten one fact in their delegate count, and that is Ron Paul is winning the delegate count in the Caucus States.

Really the delegate count in more like the chart we have above. Ron Paul is actually about 44 Delegates (or less) away from Mitt Romney.

As Ron Paul is a close second; Could he actually win?

After Super Tuesday, Lemon Global projects that Ron Paul will receive 66-83 Delegates which will raise him to 187-204 Total Delegates.

Our Projections for Super Tuesday is:

Romney will receive 172 Delegates, which will raise him to 337 Total Delegates.

Santorum will receive 80 Delegates which will raise him to 141 Total Delegates. (We also predict that the Main Stream Media will show Santorum with over 200 Delegates)

Gingrich will receive 63 Delegates which will raise him to 97 Total Delegates.

Of Course Ron Paul is still in Second with the delegate count in our Projected Study. Ron Paul would be only 133-150 (or less) Delegates away from Mitt Romney.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that can beat Mitt Romney. We project from this study also that Ron Paul will win Idaho, Alaska, and North Dakota in the delegate count; which is the only thing that matters.

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