Monday, March 5, 2012

Stratfor says, Elite Want Jeb Bush!!!

In the Stratfor emails, leaked by WikiLeaks; it shows that McCain was going to beat Obama in 2008, by using voter fraud but McCain refused to use it.

There was way more information then just that our election system is fraudulent; but rather that the elite, that was going to commit the voter fraud for McCain, likes Jeb Bush better because he is easier to control.

That is right, somehow McCain the warmongler is not controlled by the Elites.

The weird thong is Jeb Bush has been in the news for being the GOP Candidate if there is a brokered convention.

So is the Elite controlling the GOP Primary Election Results to make a brokered convention?

If Jeb Bush wins the GOP Primary; then there will be election fraud once again. Obama will lose the election, but still if Jeb Bush wins; our freedoms will be gone as the elites will get their way.

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