Thursday, May 17, 2012

Judge Andrew Napolitano : " an American hero."

What is truly an American Hero?

“The first American patriot that shoots down one of these drones that comes too close to his children in his backyard will be an American hero.”
- Judge Andrew Napolitano

That is right, the first citizen to fight against tyranny is an American hero. This will be the new shot heard around the world; as this first shot may start the new American Revolution.

So who will shoot the first drone? Also will it even be possible, as this fascist nation may take away our gun rights?

I hate to say it, but if Ron Paul loses then what truly does the American People fear. Our liberties will be totally stripped away and we'll have nothing to lose but tyranny.

This revolutionary thought is found in every American when they pay taxes and think of how much goes to the stupid government.

So truly will you be the revolutionary, or will someone else have to pick up the gun and shoot tyranny down to the ground?


Brandon Immel is the Editor, Writer, and Reporter for Lemon Global. He is currently running for Ohio's 98th District State Representative for 2014 and is the Director of an Ohio based Protest Organization Group called Pro-(1)ne.

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