Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sedition is no reason to deport Piers Morgan!!!

Alex Jones of Infowars put up a petition on the White House's website to deported Piers Morgan for Sedition; but this completely undermines the 1st Amendment.

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  1. While I understand full well where you are coming from I have to disagree only on the basis that Piers Morgan is not an American citizen, and as such he is committing an act of subversion on the basis of using an American mainstream news platform to abuse the 1st Amendment and brainwash the public into giving up the 2nd. He and other hosts (mainly on CNN & MSNBC) are using these tragic crises to manipulate a naive public and this should not be tolerated by the average American. He skews the numbers in the statistics, interrupts his guests all the time unless they agree with him, and he blatantly calls them arrogant, ignorant, stupid, uninformed, etc. when it's actually the other way around. In other words, he is fully aware of what he is doing.

    Morgan has repetitively stated he thinks a ban should be placed on automatic firearms, but the problem with getting a naive public behind such an opinion is that the law-makers in Washington won't stop just there. As most of us already know, the politicians cannot be trusted and they WILL sneak it into the bill.

    So despite his opinions and statements I laid out above, the fact alone that Piers Morgan has called the constitution "your stupid little book" and on top of that, sat there on CNN with a panel of others joking about taking out Alex Jones and his children, is not only taking the abuse of the 1st Amendment to a new level, but should actively as such considered a crime of treason against the United States and it's people, not to mention a crime of conspiracy to commit murder and if not deported, should be fired and then arrested.

    I for one do not feel sorry for the sad little man and I am more than satisfied that Alex Jones screamed at him, not letting him play is command and conquer tactics that he normally does. Alex handed him his own ass on his own show and he deserved it.

    And, while people sit and act like arm-chair quarter backs with their P.C. garbage they tend to be touting, they need to realize that the time for being nice to these criminals has come and gone and they need to be called to the carpet for their insane commentary and abuses of the rights they take advantage of.

    Piers Morgan may try to save his own ass by using the 1st Amendment as a copout to do so, but one thing we all must bear in mind is that once the 2nd Amendment is eviscerated, there will be no clause there to protect the 1st when they start to quell free speech.