Saturday, March 9, 2013

Health Department Doesn't Have Jurisdiction Over Senomyx

The Health Department who should have Jurisdiction over Senomyx; told me that they have no Jurisdiction over Senomyx when I reported Senomyx to them for using Human Embryonic Kidney Cells (HEK-293) and using it on food.

I explained everything and how I have been covering the issue for years now; and they only could tell me to contact the Federal Government and they would look into it.

So this issue hit a dead end; and it is very unlikely the Federal Government would order someone to look into this issue when the creator of Senomyx, Lubert Stryer was awarded in 2007; the National Medal of Science.

Lubert Stryer also as had Senomyx even removed from his personal information when looking into him. Right now, Stryer is the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board for Senomyx; but doesn't even have that cited as a job on any of his personal bio.

The main leaders of Senomyx now; are also connected and are hired by the company Pfizer, Inc. Pfizer, Inc. is the world's largest pharmaceutical company by revenues.

Pfizer, Inc. got sued in 2010 by former Pfizer Scientist Becky McClain who became paralyzed from a GMO Virus that is closely related to AIDS.

Pfizer is a very lobbied pharmaceutical company and it being closely connected to Senomyx maybe why Senomyx is untouchable by any Health Department.

So since Senomyx is completely untouchable; some may wonder if there will ever be a day true facts come out about the atrocities. Even though Senomyx says themselves that HEK-293 is in the food; there is no way of shutting them down, because the government is lobbied for them.

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