Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ron Paul , "I've proved I can be elected,"

Ron Paul many times showed he can win, as he pretty much tied the Ames Straw Poll and dominates the Polls online; but still he has to hear the lies he’s unelectable. His electability is showing through many ways, and now Ron Paul says he will be soaring to new heights.

But yet, Ron Paul show in this poll he is electable. The Harris Poll had the GOP Presidential Candidates and Obama in a poll to see who would win; when put across from each other and Ron Paul won 51% to Obama’s 49% which makes Ron Paul and Mitt Romney the only people who can beat Obama.

As this Poll Shows Ron Paul’s support (and electability) this also shows my proposed 3 GOP Candidates to be the Top around the time of the GOP Primary (Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Gary Johnson “Gary is just now getting big support and it’s growing”).

As Ron Paul has been winning he is also showing his influence as he went on The Daily Show on Comedy Central and totally showed he can have fun and be professional. So how did the Interview go with Jon Stewart, well it actually went pretty good: Ron Paul actually got treated much better on The Daily Show ,than most Main Stream Media, and he got more time here than on the Fox News-Google Debate with only 4 and half minutes. 

 In the Interview though; Ron Paul and Jon Stewart talked about the media saying he is unelectable and Ron Paul stated:

“I've been elected quite a few times already, so I've proved I can be elected,"

Then Ron Paul told Jon why the media tries to push the idea he is unelectable:

"Some people don't want to hear the message because it's a threat to them, because I'm a threat to the establishment," Paul said. "Some just flat out, they don't understand what freedom is all about."

Here is Ron Paul’s 3 Part Interview with Jon Stewart:

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