Friday, January 13, 2012

SC False Flag Attack on Ron Paul Exposed!!!

On January 11, 2012 a Facebook Group had a post, posted by Jere Brower which suggested that whoever is in the group that lives in South Carolina should dress up as KKK members and act like they are Ron Paul supporters.

This whole entire thought came when Jere Brower, who is a Herman Cain supporter and a Google employee came up with this slur to discredit Ron Paul.

The group that Jere Brower posted this in is called "Stop Ron Paul 2012" and this is a group that is all about damaging Ron Paul's image.

Here is the post that Jere put on Facebook (which has now been removed):

This slur would of course get media attention; really if they are told to get in the media's eye.

Make sure to share this story with everyone, and warn the public of this Anti-Ron Paul Slur that may happen in South Carolina.


  1. These people need to be arrested!!! This is outright HATE and will cause racial violence!

  2. Lookie here, looks like Jere Brower is an actual member of the Aryan Nation according to this article, and he like to harass Courthouses passing out his racist literature. I wonder if his employers at Google know about this. It would surly tarnish their image.

  3. The ones that need to be arrested are the ones that have threatened Jere and his families life!! Really? Raping a little girl?? Sick!!

    1. This article is about emails Jere received by a so called "Ron Paul supporter" even though he never called himself a Ron Paul supporter.

      Okay, even though all of that is exposed; I will still tell all of you, do not threaten Jere. Also to see the primary article that started this "click the picture above".

      Also he never talked about raping anyone, he did however state he would have sex with his wife, and then went further and stated he would do the same with Jere's daughter (this would be illegal, but he never talked about forcing them to have sex with him which is what rape is).

      This email spammer also never talked about killing Jere, but rather said he would assault Jere.

      I believe this person was mostly just talk, but should be arrested. This is clearly not what Ron Paul supports, but the journalist who wrote the article in the examiner, doesn't know what the words mean, that he uses.

    2. I agree, these people are all sick... action needs to be taken against these people. It's pure insanity.

  4. the author, Joe Newby of the above referenced examiner article belongs to the same Facebook group that planned the false flag attack..ironic no?

  5. We've gotten many requests from people looking to contact Mr. Brower to get his side of the story. Here's his contact info:

    Jere Brower
    205 Bainbridge Dr
    Atlanta, GA 30327