Friday, January 13, 2012

Romney vs. Paul (The Only Two Who Are Electable)

Willard (Mitt) Romney and Ron Paul are the only candidates that will be on the Virginia Ballot; as they are the only candidates with a following.

This is very important to remember, as Ron Paul just got a skyrocket reach to 3rd Place in South Carolina according to ARG with 20% of the vote, and with Newt Gingrich only in second with 25%.

Ron Paul who just rose from 13% to 20% in only one day could possibly knock Newt out of his second place holding and even knock Willard Romney out of his 1st Place holding in South Carolina.

South Carolina whose population is 8.8% of veterans (according to the Census in 2010) which is nearly 10% of population being veterans we can clearly say Ron Paul; who gets the most donations out of any of the candidates from Veterans and Active Duty Troops will at least get the majority of this vote.

So Ron Paul has way more of a chance of winning South Carolina than any Mainstream Media Source will ever tell you.

But still every candidate except Ron Paul and Willard Romney is out because they can't even organize their primary candidacy to the point of getting on a ballot.

Not to mention, they then blamed the state for their problems and then tried to take it to court. This type of weird, sissy, blame game is very selfish and childish, as these grown men can't even listen to the rules they said they would abide by.

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