Thursday, January 12, 2012

John Pike Gets No Punishment, and Paid Vacation...

I have lately tried to contact UC Davis, to find out if they fired John Pike or intend to; but what I have found is that they most likely will keep him in his position.

Lt. John Pike, who is still on paid administrative leave as far as anyone's knowledge is; has been the Poster Boy for the Police State that is coming over America.

Here is the video of John Pike's ignorance:

This act of Pepper Spraying these young adults resulted in 11 getting medical attention and 2 receiving Hospitalization.

These Occupy Protesters were just commiting civil disobedience in the manner of a sit in; and received in return the same thing many people in the 60's got with the Civil Rights Movement.

"Shame on you" John Pike, for your ignorant repulsive attempt to be a Police Officer of the law.

John Pike should be fired, and not get a paid vacation with benefits; this should totally offend anyone who pays taxes in this county as that money is spent to give him a fully paid vacation for doing an illegal act.

I have said this before, the Occupy Movement to me is very important. It is important because it shows us Police Brutality that usually would be ignored and forgotten Months later.

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