Sunday, January 15, 2012

National Attack on Ron Paul Exposed!!!

The RLC, has endorsed Ron Paul. But we have currently learned a member of the committee may not have liked who the RLC are endorsing.

Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) National Committee member Aaron Bitterman, has currently said that he dismantled 3 Ron Paul groups.

Also we have also heard, he is making "disinfo campaigns" against Ron Paul.

Here is Aaron Bitterman's post:

Judge Andrew Napolitano's Freedom Watch Producer, Austin Peterson is the one who brought this to my attension, and he stated this about Aaron Bitterman:

Make sure to share this to as many people as possible to stop Bitterman from dismantling Ron Paul pages.

Ron Paul may possibly have the most Facebook Pages, then anyother candidate and let's keep it that way!!!

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  1. This FB group is the same group that called for their members to dress in KKK robes, hold Ron Paul signs & pass out Ron Paul literature in front of media. They have since removed the post & approached the media to state they were getting harassed by Paul supporters, they were just joking & are calling the FBI because Paul supporters are dangerous. This group is made up of lunatics who are looking for anything to use to smear Ron Paul.