Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guess Who Won the Fox News Debate?

Fox News on Monday; January 16, 2012 had a debate in the South Carolina. This Debate was of course considered very important to the main stream media.

One thing is the main stream media is now shutting themselves up on who won the debate.

Here is the results for Fox New's Twitter Poll:

That is right, Ron Paul won the Fox News Debate in a landslide.

Here is the full Fox News South Carolina Debate:

Here is Ron Paul's Highlights from the debate:

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  1. Yeah, it's sad how blatant the bias in the media is. The message is clear, take your laptop to grandma's house and show her the truth. .ppt presentations, videos, whatever it takes to get the message to baby boomers. Their generation is truly living in the dark ages.