Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ron Paul: "I have to expose him (Newt Gingrich)..."

Ron Paul has attacked Newt Gingrich in the past week and now he says, he has to show the public that Newt is a fake conservative.

“I have to expose him for what he’s been doing over the years. That’s all we’re doing. Trying to present the facts,” - Ron Paul (Des Moines, Iowa)

The front-runner Ron Paul has been the only person who has exposed the fake front-runner of what he is which is a “counterfeit conservative” and a flip-flopper.

As the Main Stream Media stills denies Ron Paul as the real front-runner, Ron Paul at least to the Main Stream Media has recently registered as in the Top Tier for the last month.

Here is a video of Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich discussing the Patriot Act:

As this video shows, Newt Gingrich is 100% about us losing our freedoms and liberties given to us by our Constitution.

This is shown by Newt telling us that U.S. Citizens will lose their right to being innocent until proven guilty if we are said to be a terrorist.

The thing is who is to say who is and who is not a terrorist if no terrorist act happened. A terrorist is someone who causes terror, so if you are caught before you cause terror are you even actually a terrorist. Well not really, if you actually care what the word means.

Another thing that shows Newt Gingrich wants to take away more of our rights is when he said "...I would look to strengthening it (The Patriot Act)..."; how can Newt even say this, we already gave our rights away to fly freely, have privacy, and the right to speak freely as seen when American Citizen Anwar al-Awlaki was Assassinated when the only thing we know he did was use his 1st Amendment in another country.

Ron Paul was correct when he said this about the Patriot Act, "... it is unpatriotic because it undermines our liberty..." so the real front-runner wants you to have your liberties as the Establishment GOP, Main Stream Media endorsed, Main Stream Media ramped up Front-Runner wants you to lose you liberties and freedoms to an even greater number.

Maybe we should listen to Ron Paul's last statement in the video:

"You can prevent crimes by becoming a Police State. So if you advocate a Police State; yes, you can have safety and security and you might prevent a crime. But then we'll be against the American People and against our freedoms and we will throw out so much of what our revolution was fought for. So don't do it so carelessly." - Ron Paul

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