Thursday, December 8, 2011

Newt the IDIOT : Meet the man who hates the Press

Newt Gingrich, a GOP Primary Candidate is a complete IDIOT. As he doesn't even know basic Media laws.

The News Media is exactly the same as WikiLeaks and WikiLeaks is leaking information that is “in the public interest”; and Newt still says that WikiLeaks is evil and should be shut down. JULIAN ASSANGE (nor WikiLeaks) is a criminal, and if so any Journalist is also a criminal (BUT THAT IS NOT SO!!!).

If Newt Gingrich believes that anyone who LEAKS information is a CRIMINAL then I certainly revolt in horror as I believe even Bradley Manning is an AMERICAN HERO even if he is a “so called spy”; as it is unimportant as he did nothing wrong by releasing information that shows the Government Doing WRONG.

As I’m on the issue of WIKILEAKS, I previously watched CNN PRESENTS, WikiW@RS : The Mission of Julian Assange, and throughout the WHOLE thing it was a propaganda tool to try to make us think Julian Assange is a “spy” which is as false as it gets.

He is a well protected journalist who is now “imprisoned” for what I think false crimes, and is betrayed by many of his companions. CNN also claimed he was wanting a “New World Order” which is a way whacked out statement, as what he is doing would destroy the idea of George H. W. Bush’s Idea and Barrack Obama's Idea of a New World Order.

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