Friday, January 6, 2012

Lies about Jesse Ventura From the Butcher

US Navy SEAL marksman Chris Kyle, who brags about killing 255 Iraqi insurgents is now being showed by every Main Stream Media source; as a war hero and then they play a fraudulent story he told on how he punched and knocked down Jesse Ventura.

One thing that is really weird about this story is the Main Stream Media, praising someone who states they committed battery. This is a Main Stream Media Psy-Op, as they destroy Jesse Ventura's image.

From all of these media sources, you can already tell they hate Jesse Ventura; as they then praise Chris Kyle when he states he knocked down Ventura.

Another thing that is weird about this story, is it came out once Ventura is no longer in the United States. Jesse Ventura is right now in Mexico, and can't defend himself as every news source demonizes him.

In an interview with Bill O'Reilly, Chris Kyle said "The way they live day-to-day as far as the violence they commit on American troops – the beheadings, the rape of innocent villagers and townspeople, just to intimidate them. They live by putting fear into other people’s hearts. Civilized people just don’t act that way,"

Well Chris Kyle, you are right no civilized person would act that way. But also no civilized person would:

-(assuming your story is correct) knock down anyone (for saying anything)

-(assuming your story is wrong) lie about someone (to demonize them)

You will be sued Chris Kyle, if it so that you are lying, and it seems you are. If Jesse Ventura will attempt to sue the TSA; then he will sue you, no problem at all.

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