Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Manipulation, and a taste of Fraud in Iowa

Ron Paul got Third Place in the Iowa Caucuses and "Why?" that is the question that is rising in the Independent Media.

The answer to that question can't be answered with only one answer. One reason Ron Paul got third in the Iowa Caucuses is because of the Main Stream Media Manipulating the caucus vote, by ramping up Santorum to the point of a God.

Another reason Ron Paul could have got third could be because of the change of the location of the final counting of the caucus votes and it being secret which could lead to voter fraud.

So according to this video which aired on January 2, 2011, Dee Dee Benkie told the host of the radio show that the GOP Establishment have been making sure Ron Paul doesn't get first place in the Iowa Caucus.

Then both of them go on and talk about influential members of the Republican establishment that are in Iowa making deals with districts to sway votes from one candidate to another to just make sure Ron Paul doesn't win, and they just call this illegal act, "politics" and then Benkie confirmed this illegal act as what will happen.

But still Ron Paul got third place and now will gain tons of momentum to fight the dirty dictatorship of the Establishment Republicans.

If they think the war is over to Restore America, then they are dreaming. John McCain won 4th Place, 4 years ago and still won the Nomination. Ron Paul will still win, and fight for our Liberties and Freedoms!!!

Here is Ron Paul's speech:

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