Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Media Controls Our Elections!!!

Ron Paul got 4th Place in the South Carolina Primary, but why?

You could argue that Ron Paul just isn't liked, but that is a false statement. The truth is, Ron Paul lost because of the Media ramping up Newt Gingrich.

Also, the Main Stream Media completely ignored Ron Paul, for instance let's take South Carolina's CNN Post Debate Coverage. In this coverage, Romney was mentioned 87 times, Gingrich mentioned 82 times, and Santorum was mentioned 76 times; Ron Paul was only mentioned 1 time.

How can someone win, if they are ignored? Ron Paul, a candidate who got 2nd in New Hampshire was completely ignored.

This is completely the Main Stream Media manipulating the masses. Ron Paul's votes don't come from the Main Stream Media, they come from Social Media. This is the whole reason why, Ron Paul wins among the young no matter where.

The Main Stream Media can ignore Ron Paul, but the bloggers, independent journalists, and the YouTube downloaders can never ignore him.

Ron Paul is the only candidate that can win and who is electable, how many times in the media do you hear; that the other candidates need Ron Paul's supporters to win the Presidency?

If they need his votes, then doesn't that make them unelectable?

All of Santorum's, Romney's, and Gingrich's supporters would support Ron Paul as the GOP Candidate, just to defeat Obama. Those three will not get Ron Paul's supporters.

Here is Ron Paul's Speech after getting 4th Place in South Carolina:

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