Monday, January 2, 2012

Ron Paul has brought Occupy and Tea Party Together!!!

Ron Paul said this on Dec. 29th:

“The Tea Party movement started here, gets big, a lot of different people come in. I think the same thing has happened with Occupy. I put them together—I put both groups together. Because I think both groups are unhappy about what’s happening in Washington, and around the country, and the economic conditions.”

And now it is showing, Ron Paul has brought the Tea Party and the Occupy Movement together.

Here is an example of this:

Ron Paul is the only GOP Candidate who can beat Obama. As all the other Candidates are not going to get Democrats, 3rd Parties, and Progressives. Without a candidate getting these voters, the Candidate will not win; and then Obama will win the Presidency.

With two Movements behind Ron Paul, this also gives him the momentum to gain, in the up coming states that are beyond Iowa.

Here is Ron Paul's new ad:

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