Tuesday, June 5, 2012

IFCJ Learns About The Israeli Created Ethnic Cleansing On the Palestinian People

Lemon Global tells ignorant pro-Israel group that Israel is actually the one creating the holocaust.

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews are probably best known for their ads like this one:

Well we at Lemon Global thought we should tell at least somebody at this organization on who is actually causing a holocaust.

The thing is even if one of these Arab countries got a nuke, then they wouldn't use it against Israel; because they don't want to hurt the Palestinian People. The Arab countries hate the Israeli Government because of them taking Palestinian land, not because them being Jewish.

The Arab Countries also hate the Israeli Government for the reasons that I do. Israel is commiting an ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people and for commiting war crimes against the Palestinian People.

The Israeli Government destroys Palestinian Homes and force the Palestinians to move, to only destroy their house again and make them move.

The Israeli Injustice against the Palestinian People makes it so when they call anyone a "Nazi", only hypocritical.


Brandon Immel is the Editor, Writer, and Reporter for Lemon Global. He is currently running for Ohio's 98th District State Representative for 2014 and is the Director of an Ohio based Protest Organization Group called Pro-(1)ne.

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