Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama Grants Immunity To "Young" Illegal Immigrants

The Obama Administration annouced that it will right now stop the deportation of any illegal immigrant of young age.

This would allow at least 800,000 illegal immigrants to stay in America and never have to worry about bring deported.

This change in policy is only for immigrants who came here before 16 years old and are currently younger than 30 years old (they also had to be in America for at least 5 years).

The thing is how would we know if "undocumented illegal immigrant" came here before 16 years old and how old they currently are? Also we wouldn't have any idea how long these undocumented illegal immigrants have been here.

This whole entire change bypassed Congress and in actuality is illegal under the Constitution.


Brandon Immel is the Editor, Writer, and Reporter for Lemon Global. He is currently running for Ohio's 98th District State Representative for 2014 and is the Director of an Ohio based Protest Organization Group called Pro-(1)ne.

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