Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rand Paul : The Serial Hypocrite

Rand Paul after endorsing Mitt Romney has been cut off from the liberty movement. Unfortunately Rand Paul since he is still in the Campaign for Liberty, still thinks he is in the Liberty Movement.

Well the Liberty Movement cannot have Serial Hypocrites and Compromising Politicians in the Movement for it to to be a true movement for change in America.

Rand Paul has recently went the other way when he got paid (paid through GOP Party acceptance) to go the other way.

Rand Paul right here killed all ties to the Liberty Movement with this move. Rand Paul still has a "pretty" good record but not even close to his father's record.

Many claim that Ron Paul also betrayed the Liberty Movement but ultimately he right now only let his "Tea Party Son" endorse Mitt Romney.

Ron Paul's 30 year record for Liberty is not enough though to even keep him in the Liberty Movement if he would endorse Mitt Romney.

Ron Paul right now just gave up his campaign, but still we can fight to win the GOP Convention (to do this we will have to ignore the Ron Paul campaign and revolt at the Convention).

Rand Paul's endorsement shows that he never wanted Liberty, but wanted a future in Politics. Deceiving and being Hypocritical is all Rand Paul is about.

Rand Paul is against the Federal Reserve, Bank Bailouts, and many other things; but he endorsed Mitt Romney who is for each.

Rand Paul turned his back on liberty, once he got paid to (paid through GOP Acceptance).


Brandon Immel is the Editor, Writer, and Reporter for Lemon Global. He is currently running for Ohio's 98th District State Representative for 2014 and is the Director of an Ohio based Protest Organization Group called Pro-(1)ne.

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