Thursday, January 19, 2012

Glenn Beck Says His Governor Is Racist!!!

Glenn Beck in an interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano, said that a vote for Gingrich is racist.

So according to Glenn Beck's own words, Rick Perry is a racist.

Here is Glenn Beck's interview:

With this said, we can clearly see Glenn Beck is right for once. If you support Newt Gingrich, then you are racist.

Earlier today, the GOP Race went to only 4 People running; as Rick Perry dropped out.

As Rick Perry dropped out he then backed up Newt Gingrich as the true conservative. This is of course, is a completely messed up title for one of the biggest flip floppers in history.

Rick Perry has now went back to Texas to be Governor once again, but now since Glenn Beck just moved to Texas; this would make it so Glenn Beck called his own Governor a Racist.

Here is a segment on Rick Perry's announcment:

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