Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The GOP Race is still Ron Paul vs. The Police State

The 2012 GOP Fight for the Candidacy has always been between Ron Paul and the Police State loving GOP Elites.

This Monday, January 14, 2012 this fact got out right on live television. On Monday, Fox News had another debate and it showed everyone just how much Willard (Mitt) Romney is out of touch with the public.

Willard Romney isn't just out of touch, because of him being the "1%" but rather Willard is out of touch on how the people feel about their personal liberties being taken away.

Willard said he would sign the NDAA as President:

So there you have it, we have to take Romney's word. Romney just said; that he wants the power of a king, but won't use the power given to him.

One question Willard; Why would you want something, you will just ignore?

This thinking is dangerous, we should never give away our liberties to a elected official who wants the power of a king. The last time this happened it was in a newly created Republic in Germany, and this man was Adolf Hitler.

So who do you trust, someone who wants the power of a king, but tells you he won't use the power he wants; or do you trust a candidate that wants nothing to do with a monarchy and wants to restore your liberties.

There you have it Ron Paul is the only candidate that isn't for Martial Law and the Police State.

Ron Paul has now put legislation that would repeal the indefinite detention of American Citizens from the NDAA, which would clearly get cheers from that crowd at the Fox Debate.

Here is Ron Paul talking about his legislation:

So Ron Paul wants to repeal this unconstitutional act, but Willard likes unconstitution acts that give the President the power of a king.

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  1. As the legal establishment constantly reminds us, they are America. The focus is entirely on them and not on us who deliver to each other products and services which is sustainability. The establishment produces no item of exchange and their only product authority over the common producing individual, the sustainable.

    The Declaration of Independence is very clear on the total power as life, this is best represented by acts supporting life. Independence which is liberty is the act of freeing ourselves from attorney types, police state, man made laws and made up false authority.

    To combat this you will have to become familiar with you as the deciding factor of all great choice, the true value in all sustainability. That by your acts to produce for one another you create this sustaining factor. That lawyers are a corrupt bunch who produce 0 in exchange but enforce false authority upon you.

    It is only when you realize You are an American independent of these hideous acts, when you realize you are all that sustains you, that by such an ability you have the will to defy such a pathetic establishment because you have learned to achieve a true Republic by such acts used to achieve sustainability.

    You are the Deciding factor behind all things done if you choose to.

    William Schooler
    A Producing American