Saturday, April 28, 2012

The American Idiot Award: The Tea Party Caucus

Lemon Global's American Idiot Award goes to the Majority of the Tea Party Caucus in Congress who voted for CISPA.


  1. They are not tea party.... believe me.

    1. I covered this before, the Tea Party is now been hikaked by Neocon Koch Funded Trash.

  2. will to be fair Ron Paul was elected troth the Tea Party and voted aganced Ci spa and his Son will vote aganced it , but outer ten tat your right , because te Majority of Republicans are gonna vote aanced are Civil Liberties like they did back the Dems did back in 08 ad tus expanding the size of Gov the GOP comes in promising different and they end up doing Te same thing ten you ask Te Tea Party please vote 3d Party and they say Scree you then they say , but..." we want civil Liberties ,""oh but lets blow up Ollie Abba in Iraq." its all a game

  3. ^ ... WHAT the hell is this person trying to say???

    Ron Paul IS the FATHER of the Tea Party. Unfortunately, Neo-Cons (Romneyites)got in and have destroyed what it was intended to do.

  4. Only because RP let it happen.

    If he truly cared about it, then he would have got right back into the middle of things and straighted them out. As it is right now, he had stood back to long and the TP can no longer be saved.