Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We Give $8 Million Per Day For A Holocaust

A Holocaust, Ethnic Cleansing, or Genocide; call it whatever you want, but we give $8 Million a day to a country that commits acts of terror to a certain type of people that are both Muslim and Christian.


  1. I know I'm commenting on the wrong post, and for that I apologize. But there doesn't appear to be a comment box for the "Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney" post.

    I have to ask. How do you come up with these delegate numbers post Santorum? I have been following your delegate count and have at least somewhat understood how you were proportioning them. But with this Santorum drop out you've lost me. At first I thought you were just assuming that all of Santorums delegates would go to Paul, which would seem like a faulty hypothesis. But then I saw you did give some to Romney as well...

    Can you explain how you determined this? I want to believe it is true, but I just don't follow. Thanks.

  2. ^^ Bump. I would also like some insight.

  3. It's called the trend folks...Have you not noticed that 60-65+% of the caucus delegates are going to Ron Paul & typically even higher than that in several that have happened? Have you not seen that the true delegate counts are being released after chicanery in North Dakota, Alaska, Maine, Iowa, Nevada, Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri etc? Once the truth has be allowed to be apparent, Ron Paul has had massively better numbers. Of course, if you only watch Fox News, you'd have no idea...but if you really dig & pay attention, you'll see that Ron Paul has been fraudulently suppressed & outright cheated in nearly every contest that's taken place so far. Hell, I'm a GOP delegate in Precinct 490 here in Houston, TX (Harris County) & we've got to dance & jump & dart around because the GOP establishment people keep changing all the dates here like a ritalin-lacking hyper-active musical chairs game. The establishment & MSM know what's coming with Ron Paul & the Liberty Movement in general. Their last attempt, which will hopefully fail, is to lie, mislead & cheat. Trust these numbers. Show-up for your caucus. Vote for Ron Paul & don't be shouted down or controlled by some figurehead establishment guru who pretends they can alter & change the rules just because they threaten to do so. rEVOLution2012 - BELIEVE!!!

  4. Thank you for your detailed response. I am 100% in agreement with you.