Saturday, July 7, 2012

Let's have a real discussion about Ron Paul!!!

What should the Liberty Movement do?

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  1. Hi Brandon immel its me again I believe we meet here on line before "Michael J. Long So heres the deal Ron Paul is gonna go to the RNC with 500-1000 Deleagates and Rommneys gonna go in with a round the same so to speek Now the likely hood is that the people counting the vote from the Delegates are gonna fix it so that Rommney gets in as the Nommine and thats why there Hieping Romney as the Nommine and Ron Paul as the droup out even know the oppiste is True mean wile Gary Johnson is strugllen to get in the National Polls and theres a lot of Un Sertinty with RP So heres what we atta do and I whold Like your oppinion on it but.. I say we do what we can to Help Gary Johnson out and do what we can to get him in the National Polls . So that he can get in the debates and fundrase for him etc leave Ron Paul to the Delegates then if RP wins the Nomination we can go back to fun raseing RP and getting him in the white house and all that the Idea is simple if Ron Paul looses and we endorse and support mr.Johnson now and we get him in the debates ya know what Im saying at least this way we wont be waisting much time because we did are part by giving RP the Delegates and stuff now let the Delegates handle Dr No this way if Dr No aka Ron Paul looses well already have Gary Johnson through the front door so right now we need to call the National Media and the Pollen Companies and lets start including Gary Johnson in there polls